Faster Lab Results, Better Patient Outcomes

SmartLab Partners offers Skilled Nursing Facilities the clinical laboratory services they need to reduce Return-to-Acute, win more referrals, and improve patient care.

Secure more Referrals for your Skilled Nursing Facility

Laboratory has a major impact on clinical outcomes, and it starts with access to rapid laboratory, and the ability to treat in place and on-site. The SmartLab Solution unlocks the clinical potential of laboratory in Nursing Homes.

Our base service provides a comprehensive reference laboratory with an extensive test menu

We install fully integrated in-house STAT labs so you can get timely testing and treat in place

We build Turn-Key systems, and integrate the solution into your existing workflows and software

The Expectation For Care Is Changing

Are you getting the most out of your laboratory? Is it allowing you to improve care and take higher acuity patients? SmartLab Partners grew in response to changes in the expectation for care in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Your Skilled Nursing Facility is being asked and is expected to take higher acuity patients, and those facilities who can demonstrate the ability to better diagnose and treat in place will prove themselves to hospitals and patients alike.

Read on regarding how our solution is responding to the changing expectations from SNF’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Rapid Laboratory?

With an in-house STAT Lab, we mean test results in minutes, not hours. For send-outs, we mean reliable estimates and prompt service. Rapid Laboratory is cited by experts as a key driver of your ability to treat on site, and we make it affordable and possible to do this.

How do I get an In-House STAT Lab?

SmartLab Partners’ in-house STAT Lab system is the first and only in Texas. It uses Point-of-Care Testing placed in your facility. We operate and maintain oversight and compliance, and integrate the system into your existing system.

How does including in-house STAT Labs affect cost?

Because of reduced travel, STAT fees, and without the need for you to buy equipment, most facilities either reduce costs or spend the same but add an In-House Stat Lab. Even better, with increased referrals and the reduction of return-to-acute instances, facilities' ROI on the SmartLab solution is a major reason for making the switch.

What if I just want laboratory services (without Point-of-Care)?

Absolutely we can help, and for many this is the place we begin services. A comprehensive, improved laboratory system starts with a reliable laboratory for send-outs which features an advanced menu. Our solution offers many other ways to achieve faster test results, including

  • An advanced testing menu (including in-house therapeutics, lactic, and microbiology).
  • Access to our Physician-Led Advisory Board for consultation on how to use testing more effectively in your setting.
  • Automated workflows with full integration of lab system into your existing EMR.
Access Laboratory Revenue?

SNF's have the ability, as a facility, to bill for laboratory codes. SmartLab Partners helps you take advantage of this important tool to your benefit.

This will not add to the workload or upset the workflow of your existing billing system, as SmartLab Partners manages laboratory billing for you as part of our service. It's seamless and is a game-changer for how you should think about lab spending.