Check out this article: Mandatory Bundled Payments are Coming. Is Your SNF Ready? Bundled payments are becoming mandatory for hospitals in 2023, and Nursing Homes need to pay attention. What this means is hospitals will be be under increased pressure to direct sicker patients to skilled nursing facilities. Is your clinical capability ready for this? Access to timely lab, including the ability to test for symptoms of conditions like Sepsis quickly and on-site will make your facility more equipped compete in this market. Nursing Homes have to adapt their model. Many of the methods of staffing and care have not changed for decades, and this will leave the less innovative facilities out in the cold as incentives move more to awarding the treatment of high acuity patients. Empowering, for example, your staff and having greater engagement with and expanded clinical testing tools for your doctors in the facility will allow staff to handle changes in condition, reduce readmissions, and, overall, make your facility more attractive for hospital referrals. See more on how we can help here: The Smartlab Solution - SmartLab Partners